Scheduler - tasks require frequency updates


We had a problem with our instance of nexus repository (3.43.0 OSS), with no more space on disk.
After increase the size of the disk and restart nexus, the “config” database was corrupted.
We decided to delete the orientdb cluster that was corrupted and restart nexus.
Nexus has started but saying that task needs update. So we have recreate and cluster that was corrupted and reinject the records. But that didn’t help nexus to retrieve tasks frequency updates.
We have been able to change the frequency of our task but not the one of system tasks.

Nexus say that:

	4 tasks require frequency updates: Task log cleanup, Task log cleanup, Task log cleanup, Task log cleanup

But we cannot change the frequency of those tasks since we do not see them in the UI.

How can we repair that ?

Thank you

Guillaume, can you clarify what you mean by cluster in this context?

Deleting the database will cause irreparable configuration loss, unless you’re restoring from backup.

A cluster in the orientdb database.

We had the following error

2023-02-02 14:58:53,639+0000 ERROR [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM Felix - Framework listener delivery error.
com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.ODatabaseException: Error on retrieving record #51:809 (cluster: quartz_trigger_2)
	DB name="config"

So we have drop the cluster using

java -jar /opt/sonatype/nexus/lib/support/nexus-orient-console.jar
connect plocal:/opt/sonatype/sonatype-work/nexus3/db/config/ *** ****
drop cluster quartz_trigger_2

Then we have recreated the cluster using our last snapshot

java -jar /opt/sonatype/nexus/lib/support/nexus-orient-console.jar
connect plocal:/opt/sonatype/sonatype-work/nexus3/db/config/ *** ****
create cluster quartz_trigger_2
ALTER class quartz_trigger addcluster quartz_trigger_2

cp /backup/quartz_trigger_2* /opt/sonatype/sonatype-work/nexus3/db/config/

We are able to find the records when doing a select * from quartz_trigger but nexus is not in right state