SCM Provider behind Reverse-Proxy


we are trying to store SCM settings for our projects in Nexus IQ. We are using Gitlab behind a reverse proxy, which makes our URL look like this: https://{reverse-proxy-host}/gitlab/.

We have a hunch that using SCM providers behind a reverse proxy is not currently supported.

However, we encounter several problems here:

  1. when trying to import applications from within an organization, we get an HTTP status of 500 and in the logs we find the following:
    GET /iq/rest/onboarding/loadRepositories?orgId={ORG_ID}&defaultHostUrl=https%3A%2F%2F{reverse-proxy-host}%2Fgitlab&timestamp=163215058392

Here it seems to me that the IQ is appending &timestamp with it, which causes problems.

  1. when inserting the SCM configuration directly in an application, we see that the API URL is assembled incorrectly:

The “gitlab” is too much at this point.

Can you say something about this?


We appreciate you raising this issue. Please open a formal support ticket at the following URL. This will allow us to collect additional information including contact information, logs (if necessary), etc.

Sonatype Technical Support: