Search API 'sort' and 'direction' query parameters not working in nexus PRO 3.59

I’m trying to search for the latest version of an artifact of classifier type: ‘quality’ under a repository using cURL , I’ve looked all over the internet and tried one of the solutions mentioned by a SONALTYPE user: REST API enhancements
In the above link, it’s mentioned that the search capabilities have been improved to get the latest version of the components (by using query parameters : ‘sort’ and ‘direction) but it doesn’t seem to be working in Nexus 3 (Sonatype Nexus RepositoryPRO 3.59.0-01) .

The below command doesn’t gives me latest version of the artifact and neither the output in ‘desc’ order:

curl -u user:passwd "https://<kazan_url>/service/rest/v1/search/assets?sort=version&direction=desc&repository=<repo_name>&maven.groupId=<group_name>&maven.artifactId=<artifact_name>&maven.baseVersion=<base_version>&maven.classifier=<classifier_name>&maven.extension=zip" -H "accept: application/json"

Is there some bug in the existing nexus version or am I doing something wrong here ?

any response from the sonatype community forum ?

You need to be more specific about the problem that you see. What are the results and why don’t they match your expectations

Hello @mpiggott , I’ve added details in the post, hopefully it’s more clearer now…

any update on this post yet ?