Search returns unavailable component

hey guys
I have a situation in my maven-inhouse repository that there is an maven asset that is returned by a search with its id. But when i attemp to delete this asset nexus responds with a 404 not found.

I can confirm, that the assets for the component are not available in nexus any more. Also in UI i get an error when browsing for this asset.

We have 10.000s of assets in our repository. This error is an unique one - i dont really know how to reproduce it with a “new” artifact.

My steps to produce the current error:
Search API:

returns two items
“downloadUrl”: “https://nexus-domain/repository/maven-inhouse/maven-group/artifact/4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.FOO.4/artifact-4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.FOO.4.pom.md5”,
“path”: “maven-group/artifact/4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.FOO.4/artifact-4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.FOO.4.pom.md5”,
“id”: “artifact-id-hash”,
“repository”: “maven-inhouse”,
“format”: “maven2”,
“checksum”: {
“sha1”: “sha1-hash”,
“md5”: “md5-hash”

when calling API for the asset:
i receive a “404” not found

how can i “really” delete this asset?

i hope there is someone who can help.
thank you in advance,

It sounds like the search indexes for that repository need to be rebuilt. Try going to “system --> tasks” and scheduling and running a “repair - rebuild repository search” task against that repository.