Seeing 503s with

We have this proxied and it’s showing Service Unavailable in the UI.

GOPROXY= GOPATH=$(pwd)/r go get

go: reading 503 Service Unavailable

@jyerge did you end up figuring this out? We’re seeing the same thing and this is blocking users from being able to use this proxy.

2022-12-14 13:39:02,123-0600 INFO [qtp823902593-86575] *UNKNOWN - Repository status for changed from READY to UNAVAILABLE - reason Service Unavailable for
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We are having the same problem when requesting, it returns 503 Service not available.
Could you please fix it quickly?

Hi @slyge2001 - I believe has been deprecated. You can use:


Dear Maura, many thanks for your answer, we will change our proxy address then!

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