September 2023 Learn Package - Sonatype Developer Tools

Hello, Learners!

Our Learn Package this month is all about Sonatype Developer Tools. At Sonatype, we work to get developers the information they need, when they need it. This is highlighted in our product tools like IDE integrations and browser extensions, and in our community-based tools that help you get started with security-focused development.

New Video: Quick Wins with the IDE Plugins
Our IDE integrations are an essential part of every dev’s toolkit. In this video, we show you how to get started with the IDEs, focusing on getting some quick, painless remediation wins.

New Video: Have you Heard about the Sonatype Platform Browser Extension?
Available for both Chrome and Edge browsers, this video shows you how this extension brings Sonatype Lifecycle to your web browser.

New Advice Article: New to Software Security Framework in Nairobi
This month, Sloan connects how a software security framework translates to a stronger, more resilient software supply chain.

New Video: Just Show Me OSS Index
This video shows how to use our free vulnerability database, OSS Index, to research software components and select safer versions of open-source packages.

New Video: Just Show Me AuditJS
In this video, you’ll learn how to use one of Sonatype’s open-source vulnerability scanners to check an npm project for vulnerabilities and then save those results.

In addition to these new materials, we put together a list of existing resources to help you get started with Sonatype Developer tools:

Be sure to check out all of our assets on the Sonatype Learn site and Video Library.

Happy learning!