"Server Disconnected: There is a problem communicating with the server:

Hi Everyone,

I’m attempting to use Nexus as a proxy to cache Chocolatey packages for my organization. I’ve installed Nexus on a Intel NUC running W10 Pro. Unfortunately, when I load the GUI in the web-browser I’m informed that the server cannot be contacted, the server is disconnected, unable to detect which node you are connected to, etc. I’m a total noob at Nexus, so am unsure what to do. I’ve checked that the Nexus service is running, which it is (I’ve tried restart the service, but that didn’t work either).

Any ideas on how I might resolve this issue?


Is the NXRM instance local to your machine or are you connecting remotely?
If the latter, consider any firewall settings in between you as well as anti-virus programs on your local machine.
You might also check the nexus.log on the server to see if there are errors. If there arn’t, that also points to a connectivity issue between the two.
You could also in that event try connecting from the server machine.
Hope that helps!

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@jtom Thanks! I will check. I was attempting to install Nexus originally on a NUC that I would access remotely. However, I was sitting at the NUC itself and not accessing it remotely, so it would therefore have been a local machine at the time.

What’s weird is that I installed an Ubuntu Server VM via Hyper-V and setup Nexus on it and it works just fine (it’s also on my NUC).

I would like to get it up and running on my W10 install just because when something doesn’t work I have to know why haha.

i am using Sonatype Nexus repo version: 3.25.1-04 and installed it on “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.7 (Maipo)”, installation is successful but i am getting error in UI as " [Server Disconnected: There is a problem communicating with the server:]", can you please help me how to debug this on as i am not getting any error log in nexus.log file as well but in UI console getting error like “:8081/service/extdirect/poll/rapture_State_get:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”
is there any way to disable this warning/error ?

I am also using same version and getting frequent “server disconnect error” Mine is running on Centos 7.x version.

This is likely caused by a proxy, or by a reverse proxy in front of nexus.

I’m getting the same error and I’m sure there is no proxy between my client and the nexus server.

We are also facing same issue on CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core)


With latest version of nexus:
Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerPRO 3.26.1-02

As of now stopped dialogs by changine below settings.

  1. login as admin
  2. go to Settings -> System -> Capabilities -> “UI:Settings” -> “settings” tab -> “Authenticated user status interval” -> 500 (instead 5, long duration)

The only other suggests would be to check your anti-virus or web browser extensions to see if they are interfering with requests.

I’ve been experiencing this same behavior as well. In my situation, I was able to reproduce the error when accessing Nexus through NAT, but not when accessing it from the same NAT’d network where Nexus lives. In my case there was no firewalls or proxy server in between.

I narrowed the minimally viable packet needed to reproduce as:
POST http://nexusurl:8081/service/extdirect/poll/rapture_State_get
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8

This request always returned a 0-byte response from Nexus, when accessed through the NAT.

HOWEVER, the problem went away completely after changing the Authenticated user status interval setting to 500, as halvi.sriharsha described above.

In addition to that, the problem is still resolved after changing the Authenticated user status interval back to the default setting, 5. And fortunately, the “fix” if you want to call it that, still persists even after restarting Nexus.

This seems to be a reliable work-around, but it would be nice to identify the root cause.