Setting up Public repository

Hi. I’m new to Nexus. Glad to be a part of community.
I have an use case where i need to make the particular repository public and it shouldn’t be asking for any auth when docker pull. Please help me out.
Nexus - OSS 3.29.2-02

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Basically, you need to add permissions to access that repository to the assigned anonymous user (by default it’s the anonymous user, with the nx-anonymous role).

Thanks for replying. Can you please bit more explain the steps need to be followed?

I’d suggest looking at the documentation for Access Control

Thanks for sharing.
Here is what i have tried.

  1. Created a role with,
    privileges - nx-repository-admin-* and nx-repository-view-* (i.e selected all privileges of the repository)
    role - nx-anonymous
  2. I have attached the role to the anonymous user

I couldn’t able to pull the image in local without docker login the artifactory
I’m getting “no basic auth credentials” again

Please help me out if i did something wrong

Do not grant nx-repository-admin access, that allows UI administration of the repository. Grant the “read” and “browse” nx-repository-view” privileges for the repository to the “anonymous” user.

Enable the docker bearer token realm under “security —> realms”, and also enable anonymous pull support in the repo itself:


Thanks Rich.
I did modifications as you mentioned.
Created a new role with nx-repository--read and nx-repository--browse
Attached to the anonymous user.
But I couldn’t able to pull image without auth. I’m not sure where i’m doing wrong :frowning:

I believe the docker repository also has an anonymous pull option.

Yes. it has been enabled in settings