Setup Wizard: Sharing Statistical Metrics

I have just upgraded NXRM OSS from 3.30.1-01 to 3.32.0-03 and the first thing that happens after logging in via the UI is that the Setup wizard pops up.

The 1st choice that has to be made in the wizard is whether or not to “Help Us Improve Nexus Repository”

Please help us improve the Nexus Repository experience and shape future feature improvements by sharing anonymous statistical metrics and performance information with Sonatype. The collected information will not contain identifying or proprietary information (e.g. the names of hosts, servers, repositories, or users).

This blurb is useful in explaining what is NOT shared but does not explain enough about what IS shared. I will not be granted permission to enable this sharing unless more information is provided. Can someone oblige?

Of course, I could just select “No, not interested.” but when too many admins do that then the product development suffers.

One observation on the wizard… it cannot be bypassed and whilst it is displaying there is no way to access links to documentation, etc . This is a bit of a UX fail.

The wizard cannot be bypassed because it has some required security decisions built into it (for example, changing the password for people upgrading from an old instance that was still using admin/admin123). That said, it would probably be a good idea to allow the user to dismiss the wizard when there are not security-critical decisions. Feel free to open up a request for improvement on our JIRA instance ( I think someone else is going to reply about the metrics.

Thanks for this feedback, Mark! I am going to create a separate post with more information about what IS being collected. I think this will benefit others as well. I’ll tag you in the post when it’s up.

Thanks… the post was exactly what my manager was looking for and so I was able to answer “yes” to the metrics collection.

As soon as I did that there was actually nothing at all extra that needed doing in the wizard!

The setup tasks have been completed, enjoy using Nexus Repository Manager!

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@mmartz, per your suggestion, I logged NEXUS-28365

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