Since last update of nexus repository => bad URL "/" encoded as "%2F"


Since we updated Nexus Repository OSS from 3.40 to 3.44, we have encountered some issues with the artifacts’ download URL in raw repositories.

As a matter of fact, the “/” is now encoded as “%2F”, whereas it was not in the 3.40 release. For example :
Back in 3.40 :
Now in 3.44 :

Is anyone experiencing the same trouble ? This looks very similar to this issue which was fixed a long time ago :


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You’ll need to be more specific, where is this happening in Nexus?

I am also facing the same issue since upgrade from 3.43.0 to 3.45.0.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter the Nexus server’s URL. e.g. http://localhost:8081/
  2. Go-to Browse
  3. Select a Maven repository or a raw repository (doesn’t matter if it’s a hosted or group repository)
  4. Navigate to an asset and select it
  5. Click the selected asset’s URL

Expected result:
The asset is downloaded

Actual result:
Error 404 is encountered for an incorrect URL as reported above

This was opened as - [NEXUS-36555] Component links in Browse UI delimit GAV paths with '%2F' instead of '/' - Sonatype JIRA

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