Slow Artefacts Download Performance with OSS 2.x


We run Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.14.13-01. We noticed recently that the download speed of artefacts is ~2 times slower than putting the file directly under an HTTP server (e.g. Apache). Interestingly, this 2 times ratio was confirmed from many locations. In one location for example, we get 5 MB/s download speed via Nexus and we get 10 MB/s by downloading the same file but from the same machine but directly under Apache htdocs folder.

Anybody has an idea why we have this factor 2 ratio? By searching and googling I didn’t find any download performance issues for artefacts.
Checking the performance of the machine, the CPU usage is very low and the network is not limiting anything.

Any help or support is welcome

A guess… if you are downloading via /service/local/repositories URL’s it will be much slower than using /content URL’s, due to the overhead imposed by restlet:

Thanks for your reply, very appreciated.

In addition to my initial description, I must say that we are comparing the download speed for a large file (> 1 GB), and everything on a Windows 2008 Server.

I can confirm your guess @rseddon

Option1: Directly under Apache =>~10 MB/s
Option 2: /service/local/repositories/… => ~4 MB/s
Option 3: /content/… => ~10 MB/s

Furthermore we tried to play with the buffer size (in Jetty.xml) but didn’t help much
<Set name=“responseBufferSize”>512</Set>

Thanks a lot!