Snapshot removal job not working

Hi, I’ve been trying to run a scheduled task to test snapshot removal but until now I can’t seem to get it working.
I’ve uploaded release and snapshot artifacts with curl into respective release and snapshot repos.
It’s not working with standard naming and neither with timestamps added to snapshot artifacts.

(version: 2.11.4-0)

Someone can hint me on what I am doing wrong?

The snapshot remover will only work against snapshots that are in standard Maven format.

What did you use to deploy those snapshots? They are not in standard maven layout, there is no version folder.

The layout needed is:


Got it working, thanks :+1:

We version our snapshots with <git_branchname>-SNAPSHOT in the build using mvn versions:set.

With a git branch called test-branch my lp-dummy-ga snapshot artifacts ends up stored like this in Nexus:
i.e. the version part is different in the path and in the artifact name.

That means in Nexus we get one folder per branch (like test-branch-SNAPSHOT) containing one or more datetime-stamped snapshots.

The Remove Snapshots From Repository task does not clean in the desired way. It has Minimum snapshot count = 1. But it leaves one snapshot artifact per version folder, not per artifact. After a few years of coding there are over 1000 of these version folders and thus thousands of irrelevant artifacts. Not expected, not desired.

Is this working as intended from nexus side?

I don’t really understand how the storage format in Nexus is decided. In the mvn install step in the build the artifact is put in:

Next, in the mvn deploy it says:

Downloaded from
Uploaded to

We use Nexus 2.14.