Sonatype forum account management


not sure in which category to post this thread , feel free to move it where it should be

i have two questions

1 = how do i change my username ?
2 = how do i change my email adress associated to my account ? authentication provider doesnt mean a thing for me
3 = how can i close my account ?


Hi @yann.cophy - great questions. I am looking into this for you and will report back ASAP!

@yann.cophy You should now have the ability to change your username. As far as the email associated with your account, you can make changes by heading to your account and going to your profile view. Changing the email there will also update it in the Community.

Would you like just your Community account deleted? If so, I can do that for you. If you’d like your entire account deleted (aka access to Help, Learn, Community, etc), let me know and I can give you instructions from there.