Sonatype Internet Explorer 11 Support Sunset on Nov 30

Sonatype is announcing that we are no longer providing browser support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) going forward within Nexus Lifecycle or Nexus Repository Manager beginning November 30, 2020.

The Why

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be supporting IE 11 over the next year. After an analysis of the active browsers being used, we have also observed a decline in IE 11 usage over the past.

The How (does this impact me)

We recommend that if you are still using IE 11 as your browser of choice that you migrate to Edge or one of the other supported browsers listed. Check our documentation (for IQ and for NXRM 3 and NXRM 2) for updates on the browser support changes. Additionally, any identified bugs from older versions of Nexus Lifecycle will no longer be addressed going forward.

The What (can I expect)

This notice is the first of a series of reminders leading up to the last week of November. If you have not already migrated to using Edge, Chrome, or one of our other supported browsers, we recommend that you do so to ensure that you have continued access to Nexus Lifecycle and/or Nexus Repository Manager.

Where can I ask additional questions?

You can reply directly to this post. If you are not already registered to the Sonatype User Community, you will be prompted to create an account. This will empower you to create and reply to other threads initiated by both the Sonatype team and your community peers. Notifications can be easily configured to ensure you are aware of updates for a specific thread and/or important announcements within the Community.