[Sonatype] Nexus Repository 3.28.0 Released

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 3.28 through our new Storage Management Best Practices: Part 2 - Expand Storage with Ease blog.

This release includes Change Repo Blob Store (Pro only), which allows an administrator to migrate the component binaries of a repository from the current blob store to a different blob store. Administrators can now manage the mapping of repositories to blob stores even after they were initially configured. The benefits include:

  • Move repositories to a more suitable blob store (faster, bigger, cheaper, etc.)

  • Separate Hosted repositories and Proxy repositories into their own blob stores and apply the appropriate backup strategies based on the needs of the business and SLAs

  • Because this is implemented as a task, an administrator can start the task to move components and let the system handle the actual relocation of the binaries. The task can survive system restarts and continue from where it stopped.

We are also excited to release Group Deployment for npm (Pro only). Group Deployment will provide Nexus Repository Pro users a single URL (Group Repository) to push and pull npm packages with development CI build tools.

This new feature delivers frictionless ecosystem support for developers as Group Deployment for npm replaces the need to know the various URLs for individual repositories.

Please refer to the 3.28 full release notes for more details.

-Nexus Repository Team