SSH nexus configuration - Gaining remote access to the manager

I have already asked this at Stackoverflow here:
[installation - Can't access Nexus server remotely, SSH permission to access denied - Stack Overflow](http://original thread)

however I will ask again here:

  • I am on latest version of an Ubuntu server [Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS]
  • Installing latest version of nexus [3.x]

I am in that point of the installation where you have to introduce tha password that you get from

cat /opt/sonatype-work/nexus3/admin.password

however when I am going to introduce it, since I am trying to access remotely I am denied access for not having permisions, this is the exact message:

Incorrect username or password, or no permission to use the application.

I know it has to do with remote permissions because I have gone through the same process in my own computer and I never had this situation.

My guess… there was an old work directory from a previous install on this computer?

See here for how you can reset the admin password: