Staging in Nexus Repository 3


I am speaking today at the Sonatype Elevate conference on Getting Started with Staging and Cleanup in NXRM. I want to use this space to answer any questions that come up from the session as well as hear any feedback from how you are using staging, is it successful, what are some of the challenges you went through to implement. Anything you are willing to share.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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In your talk you mentioned a feature I have inquired about – the ability to specify “keep n revisions regardless” within your cleanup policy rules for a repo. You said there is a jira issue out there that we can vote on. Where?

Hey Stacy, thanks for attending. Here is the ticket. Please vote for it as it is one I am very interested in getting prioritized as well. Also included any feedback on your use-case such as ecosystems you need if for does help them scope the issue.

For those that missed my talk at Elevate, you can watch the recording from the link below.

Also, I have published a guide based on the talk that goes into a bit more detail. Let me know if you have any questions.


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