Success Metrics Scanning Anomaly Fix in Upcoming Release

Greetings all,

This post is intended to be an informative announcement regarding a bug fix we are rolling out for Success Metrics. We recently discovered an anomaly with the number of “scans” returned by the Success Metrics API that have caused duplicate evaluations for some weeks. These spikes would correspond to seeing increases in discovered, fixed, and waived policy violations. This issue originated from IQ’s data itself. As as a result you may have seen increases for the following weeks:

  • November 18 2019
  • December 16 2019
  • April 27 2020
  • May 11 2020

We have since addressed the bug by fixing issues with the way Success Metrics aggregates the data and all future scans should report as normal and it will be included in the next IQ release (v97).

Once released if you have seen anomalies within your own Success Metrics report and want to correct them it is recommended that you delete the contents of the policy_violation_aggregation and success_metrics_report_data tables in the aggregation database. This will allow IQ to automatically regenerate the aggregation data the next time it is fetched (note however that this can be a very slow operation on large databases). Alternatively, you may also choose to do nothing and allow the data to age out on its own.