Suggested Android integration has stopped working since Android Gradle Plugin 3.0

In the end of December I was struggling to integrate the Nexus IQ scan with my Android project and could not find much info on that. After 3-4 days of going through documentation of Gradle, looking at the topic here How to scan Android for Vulnerabilities? and intense Groovy regexp session I have managed to correct the implementation of copyDependencies method that was described in the old topic.

This experience was quite brutal and I would like to share back to the community the results of my work so that the next people who come around don’t struggle so much and have a better position.

Here is the gist with copyDependencies gradle task generation

and my guide on Medium on how to use it and what is inside this script. (Couldn’t link directly to Medium, so posting a link to linkedin)

Thanks @belokopytov.n for sharing.

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