Support credly for Sonatype badges

I like very much the Sonatype Learn portal and I think it’s a great way to improve the teams’ overall knowledge of the best practices for the different tools usage patterns.

What do you think about the idea to issue Sonatype Learn Credly badges, similarly to what AWS Skillbuilder does? That would allow to display them automatically on the profile page of

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Hi Radek - Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for the kind feedback about how well you like the Learn portal. So glad you find great value there for learning our tools and best practices. We agree, you are on to something great with your suggestion for earning digital badges! In fact, our eLearning team has been researching this and we have our sights set on issuing digital badges too. While I don’t have a timeline quite yet, I can tell you it’s on the roadmap.

While we’re working behind the scenes to set up a badging program, keep your eyes out here in the Community for progress updates and announcements.

Happy Learning!
Melanie Latin
CE- eLearning Manager