Support of OCI artifacts such as helm charts

Are helm charts supported as OCI artifacts to be uploaded to a hosted docker repository, which is OCI capable?

Also, can docker proxy repositories pull helm charts from an external OCI registry with helm charts as OCI artifacts?


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Apparently since version 3.23.0, this is supported. (just never tried it!)

[NEXUS-21087] Support OCI registry format - Sonatype JIRA

“Nexus Repository Manager 3.23.0 supports OCI media types. This will allow you to use Docker repositories to host and proxy content from tools like Helm3 and Buildah.”

Hi @clave , apparently OCI is still not supported for Helm Charts, see - Failed to configure oci:// url · Issue #201 · sonatype/nexus-public · GitHub
but only partly for docker containers meta-data

nblair (Nicholas Blair) · GitHub wrote, quote :

I went and tracked down the Jira issues linked in the release notes you referenced. The title of that Jira ticket is rather vague, but at the time in 2020 “OCI support” meant something different than it likely means today, 3 years later. What was implemented at that time was support for additional media types included in OCI containers. I don’t have a workaround for you for oci:// urls at present.