Swift Package Manager (SPM / SwiftPM) repositories support

Good morning,

With the release of Swift 5.7, SwiftPM now supports Package Registry Service. We are very interested on migrating from CocoaPods to SwiftPM while still using Nexus to manage our repositories.

Is this on your roadmap? If so, do you have an estimate of when this will be made available?

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Hi there,

We are also interested on migrating our solution to Swift Package. Adding the comment for visibility :slight_smile:


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We’re also very interested in this feature if and when it is available

Same for us

same for us

We are also interested in support for Swift PM

Hi all! I do not believe it is on the roadmap at the moment, but threads like this definitely help show our team the demand for it. You can also vote in our Ideas portal for even more visibility.

We are also interested in support for SPM :pray:

Plus 1 for this issue and support of SPM is very welcomed.

+1 for SPM support in nexus repository