Synchronizing repos between distributed servers

we a Geographically distributed Teams working all around the world and we were using the Nexus2 Smart Proxy somehow but now we are in process of moving from nexus 2 to Nexus 3 and I don’t find nay feature for repos sync or replication , so here is the scenario , we have a master nexus server and there are other servers and I would like to replicate artifacts published at master to all other locations and vice versa, any suggestions


Thanks for posting your question. You are correct that there isn’t a smart proxy feature or similar in 3. I recommend reviewing our deployment guide here:

It covers a couple of scenarios where you could use proxy repositories as a way to cache the commits made on remote repositories. Just keep in mind that this is a ‘cache on demand’ scenario.

Another option, although it will take some coding, is to use a combination of Webhooks (Webhooks) and REST API (REST and Integration API). In this case, a script or custom app would listen for the webhook when a new item is uploaded. Then it would use the information provided by the webhook to download the item and then upload it to other repo instances.

@fcremer According to the Nexus 2.x to 3.x feature comparison, against Smart Proxy it says “We are planning a set of instance-to-instance replication features.”. Are you able to provide any update as to where that is at as its been saying that for quite a while now :slight_smile:

Even i have the same question , when is feature comparable to smart proxy is coming to Nexus 3.0

I still can’t find any instance-to-instance replication features in NXRM3. We’re evaluating a migration from an on-premises instance to a cloud instance of Nexus. To migrate all hosted repositories, we’ll have to proxy each repository, one by one, as well as re-creating all the other group and proxy repositories? How awkward is that when NXRM2 had such feature…