I have two nexus repositories in different machines, machines no connected, and no connected to internet.
Is possible to backup and export for nexus 3 without pro version?


I assume that you are currently running two independent instances of Nexus 2 OSS on separate machines, and are looking to upgrade/migrate to Nexus 3. In which case yes it is possible to transition to the Nexus 3 OSS version.

You should refer to the public documentation, at

Specifically, reference the

upgrade compatibility
feature equivalency
upgrading instructions

Assuming that your aim is to upgrade both instances to Nexus 3 independently, then this should be sufficient to guide you.


No, Im running 2 intance of nexus 3

And I want to merge between then

Import/Export in NXRM3 is not currently supported but is highly requested. See for more details, follow/vote if you wish this feature.
Others may have workarounds to this.
Joe Tom