Task "Admin - Compact blob store" seems extremely slow

Compacting a Blobstore containing Maven repository seems extremely slow to me.

*SYSTEM org.sonatype.nexus.blobstore.file.FileBlobStore - Elapsed time: 5.809 h, processed: 10959/191668

Some Data:

  • Executing the “Admin - Compact blob store”
  • enterprise raid - no SSD - no S3 - volume is at ~95% space usage -
  • Blobstore size ~128GB
  • Running Nexus 3.21.1-01 OSS
  • moderate to low IO and CPU usage over all

Any ideas or suggestions? Is this really that slow?
Can someone report their values please?

Another report of another cleanup task: (more than one and a half day for 70k “files” !!)

Elapsed time: 1.548 d, processed: 61366/69037


Elapsed time: 20.74 h, processed: 32634/224067

This means this task will run for ~7 days.

Can someone report their durations running maven repository cleanup tasks please?