Task not running (especially cleanup service, compact blobstore)

Our Jenkins produces snapshots (at least daily) and stores them in a ‘snapshots’ repository, hence we have a lot of snapshots laying around. We are using nexus3 and up until version ~3.21 i had (presumably) no problems with cleanup and compact blobstore - The disk space was not getting out of hand, cleanup, deletion of unused snapshots and compact blobstore tasks were running successfully.

The problem now is, that in the nexus ui it states, that these tasks are ‘RUNNING’ but there is not output about their status what so ever in the logs (even on TRACE on ROOT). Also I’ve written some groovy scripts to identify old artifacts, which do their logging on INFO and even these tasks do not output anything.

Does anybody know how to investigate this problem further or even better how to fix this? I did not find anything about such behavior here or in the nexus docu.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, that I’ve deleted all tasks (which where deletable) and created the from scratch (multiple times).

The Scheduler albeit logging suggested otherwise was the culprit. I’ve remove the Scheduler (I’ve never touched) an recreated it. Now the tasks actually were running.

I seem to be having the exact same issue. I’m running nexus in docker, but am not sure how to remove the scheduler. All my tasks appear as “running” and that does not seem to be the case. When I check “last ran” it shows the current date/time.

Maybe try deleting and re-creating the task, if you’re a Pro customer file a support ticket and they may be able to assist further.

Most of the tasks “running” are post-upgrade tasks that haven’t stopped since they started.