The BIG Nexus Firewall Thread

Are you starting your journey with Nexus Firewall, want to increase adoption or you have done it all?

This thread is the main discussion place for customers to learn about Nexus Firewall’s best practices from our learning and guiding materials or from other customers’ experience.

If you are just starting with Nexus Firewall, then you should begin with the Getting Started with Firewall guide. However, if you cannot wait to get your hands dirty installing and configuring it, then you can jump directly to the Firewall Quick Start.

If you want to increase adoption of Nexus Firewall, then we recommend our Best Practices guide for Nexus Firewall and that your developers take the Jump Start for Developers course.

If you have already done it all, why not share your experience with other Sonatype customers? Share your tips here in this thread!

Do you have a question about Nexus Firewall? Post it here in this thread and get some answers!

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