Too many properties files,make Linux server inodes full

I‘m using nexus-3.0.2-02 as my maven repository.
Recently I found my linux server‘s inodes nearly 100%,because there are more and more properties files like below,its growing everyday.

What are these files uesed to do? Every property file contains a deleted=true flag like this one.

#Wed Jul 03 16:10:49 CST 2019

PS: I’m now creating a new docker every time to compile my codes,and there is no local .m2 directory to cache my jars.

I can really really use some help,if anyone has some solutions,please contact me,thank you very much.

Looks like you are hitting this issue, which was fixed a while ago:

Version 3.0.2 is very old, you need to upgrade. The latest version is 3.17.0.

Because this version is so old, you will need to use these instructions to do this upgrade: