Trial License Required

Hi All

We are exploring Nexus IQ features as replacement for jfrog artifactory, which is currently in use. In order to evaluate the solution we would like to try Nexus Lifecycle and Firewall features. Could you help us with a trial license.

Many Thanks

Hi Sunil,
You can request a trial license for Nexus Repository Pro at Nexus Repository | Software Component Management
For Lifecycle, you will have to book a demo at Open Source Security and Dependency Management | Sonatype

Thanks much @dsawa … is there any opensource version I could try with similar features… basically we need the vulnerability scan feature of Nexus firewall.

You can try OSS Index available for free with integrations available for multiple ecosystems, and while OSS Index is good enough for many, only Lifecycle offers scanning at every step of the Software Development Lifecycle.

Not to mention that the Lifecycle data is much higher quality than OSS Index since we have a security team that reviews CVEs for accuracy. You’ll get a lot fewer false-positives from Lifecycle than OSS Index or JFrog.