Unable to access roles page as admin in Nexus UI

Hi Team

When trying to access the Roles page and when trying to create a Role in the Nexus UI, I am getting - An error occurred loading data. Request failed with status code 403

I have admin permissions and can view and create roles through the CLI without issue.

I have found the following error in the logs-
WARN [qtp156427007-26291] *UNKNOWN org.sonatype.nexus.siesta.internal.AuthorizationExceptionMapper - (ID 4821ce6a-9667-4b34-997a-44aaac9f4865) Response: [403] (no entity/body); mapped from: org.apache.shiro.authz.UnauthenticatedException: This subject is anonymous - it does not have any identifying principals and authorization operations require an identity to check against. A Subject instance will acquire these identifying principals automatically after a successful login is performed be executing org.apache.shiro.subject.Subject.login(AuthenticationToken) or when 'Remember Me' functionality is enabled by the SecurityManager. This exception can also occur when a previously logged-in Subject has logged out which makes it anonymous again. Because an identity is currently not known due to any of these conditions, authorization is denied.


Any solutions found for this issue?

If you’re able to do this via cURL then the answer is something is interfering with your requests. So check browser extensions, anti-virus products, and proxy servers.