Unable to do pip search between NEXUS and ARTIFACTORY

Hello Nexus community,

I’m a user of Nexus 3 OSS Version and I have an issue when I try to communicate with an artifactory server (Sorry not my choice :() who acts as a proxy for PIP packages downloading.

When I declare the AF as a proxy it’s okay : I can download pip packages without problem. The thing is I can’t use PIP SEARCH command. When I try to do a pip search, the AF server rejects me with a 405 HTTP code (Method Not allowed)

One of my colleague told me that it is caused by the fact NEXUS and AF are not talking the same version for the PIP protocol. I did some analysis on my side and it seems that nexus add a trailing /pypi at the end of the URL which is not compliant with artifactory API.

I heard things that AF uses new pip API version and Nexus the old one ? Is that true ?

Can someone confirm me that this uncompatibily is confirmed and will be there an update on nexus side in order to be able to do a pip search with an AF server ?

Thanks for your answers