Unable to install trial license key for Nexus Repository Manager

I downaload the zip bundle with the Nexus repository. After demo.sh was executed I was able to login on the localhost. I verified my email and got the trial license. If I try to install the license using the web interface it gives me:

" The provided license file sonatype-repository-manager-trial.lic is invalid. Please verify you selected the correct file. If the problem persists, please contact our support team."

I am indeed giving the right file.

Any clue how could I resolve this?
I am using Ubuntu 18

It sounds like you downloaded Nexus IQ not Nexus Repository Manager.

RM downloads - Download

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It is indeed the IQ server. Excuses for the naming. However, the problem persists.

A trial license for Nexus Repository Manager will not work for Nexus IQ.

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I understand that. The problem is that I only have 1 triaol license given on my profile, which is for the Repository manager.

How could I get a license for the IQ Server?

Hi there, Vanina!

Which product are you interested in which will make use of the Nexus IQ engine?
The flagships products are:

  • Nexus Lifecycle: provides you with the ability to evaluate your applications for security and licensing vulnerabilities based on custom policies at every stage of development.
  • Nexus Firewall: provides security and licensing insight, based on custom policies, for all open source dependencies being downloaded through your component repository with the ability to prevent dependencies with vulnerabilities from being inserted into your pipeline.

The trial process for these products is not automated like it is with Repository Manager, but you can request one from the following forms:

Hope that helps!

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