Unknown files in Docker Repo, how to purge

Hi all,

I found a lot of unknown files under v2/blobs in our nexus3 docker repo,

like this:

how these files come from? can i delete all of them? and how to delete?


Docker images consist of layers and manifests. The layers contain the binary content required to construct the image. The manifests list the layers needed for an image. The “blobs” directory contains the layers. Those files contain the binary content needed by docker to build images.




Hi Rich,
yes, thanks for your reply.
we call some api to delete the some unnecessary docker images.
these layers which no need will be deleted as well, right ? from my view, seems that “blobs” directory grow bigger and bigger, even call the delete api

Create cleanup policies to remove old images, and then also create and run a “Docker - Delete unused manifests and images” task under “system --> tasks” to remove docker files from the repository that are no longer in use.