Updated Data Insights Available in Nexus Lifecycle

Sonatype Labs continues to evolve and add experimental features to our products. Our latest updates include two for Lifecycle Data Insights.

1. Rolling Recap

Your Nexus Lifecycle Year in Review is now Rolling Recap. Revisit the last year of your software supply chain journey with upgraded dashboards to reflect updated data every month.

Explore everything you scanned this year and last month, compare your Nexus Lifecycle usage with the rest of the industry, and look at some helpful suggestions you can put into action.

Our Unique data insights continue to include:

  • Total scanned applications and vulnerabilities detected
  • The volume and variety of components analyzed
  • Time to upgrade vulnerable components in your applications
  • Your top 5 common vulnerabilities and exposures
  • The diversity of your tech stack

2. SBOM Scorecard (previously Migration Scorecard)

With the SBOM Scorecard, you have an accessible way to visualize and manage your SBOMs (Java only) safely and efficiently. It categorizes your application’s SBOM in one of the four quadrants, letting you know where you are succeeding and where you can take proactive measures to keep your applications healthy.

To access Rolling Recap and SBOM Scorecard Data Insights, select Data Insights from the left navigation bar in Nexus IQ Server/Lifecycle.

Note: In previous versions of IQ Server, Data Insights can be accessed through the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of the browser UI.

Want to learn more about your Rolling Recap data? Here’s a detailed breakdown.

Please reply to this thread with any questions or feedback that you have.

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