Updated landing page in Nexus Lifecycle

In a future release of IQ Server we will be making changes to the homepage of Nexus Lifecycle. After logging in,you will notice a new default landing/home page. The new landing page is the Getting Started page. This page does not impact any other views or pages within the system and therefore there should be no change to your daily use of Nexus Lifecycle.

There are a number of reasons we are making this change:

  1. The dashboard, which is the current default landing page, can consume unnecessary resources if this is not the intended page the user is visiting.
  2. We’ve received feedback that the landing page is hidden, and customers would like an easier way to access this page.

The Getting Started page looks similar to the following, note that some of the views are different depending on permissions:

A typical view for a none admin would be:

We are open to any feedback on this change. Please leave any comments on this community post.

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