Updating SSL Certificate

Currently running Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerOSS 3.21.1-01 (I know i need to update) on Ubuntu.

From what i can tell through ssh it looks like it might be using Jetty.

Our wildcard ssl certificate expired so I added the new certificate through the Web UI by pasting in the PEM certificate.

After updating the certificate and restarting the server the old ssl certificate is still being used and the page (as well as API requests) are failing to see the new certificate.

In an effort to start over and try again all certificates were removed and now have I have lost access the #admin Web UI to add the certificate again.

Is there a way to update the certificate via ssh and restore the access to the package server?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Nick,

It sounds to me like you wanted to update inbound SSL certificate, but you added it as outbound certificate. Please take a look at our documentation: Configuring SSL

Thank you, I’ll have to look again at configuring inbound SSL.
I had gone through the docs once before while browsing around the package server to try and verify the previous configuration and just update them, but i have not found any of the configurations to match up with anything in the docs.