Upgrade: agent missing from Capabilities list

I am trying to upgrade from Sonatype Nexus OSS 2.14.15 to Nexus 3.20. According to the instructions at upgrade from 2 to 3 there should be an ‘Upgrade:Agent’ capability in version 2 that I can enable and get a token for version 3. However, there is no such capability to add. There are just ~10 capabilities in the ‘Create new capability’ list’ and none are for upgrading.

I’m not finding any clues as to how to install or enable the upgrade capability. Any tips appreciated!

Check further up in the list, the items aren’t in alphabetical order in Nexus Repo 2 (this was fixed in version 3).


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Another possibility… you need to use our pre-built binaries from here to get the upgrade agent:


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Rick, thank you for the responses. I checked the list and there’s nothing else other than what is in the screenshot.

We’re currently use the .war file version of Nexus 2.15 and have been doing it that way for years. So I suspect you are on to something that we need to use the pre-built binaries. My question though is how best to switch from the generic Tomcat 8.5 with the nexus.war file to the pre-built? Or can I just expand the prebuilt on another machine, grab the XML from capabilities.xml, and copy that to the existing 2.15 installation?

You’ll need to configure the pre-built binary to use your existing work directory. You can do that by setting the “nexus-work” property in $installdir/conf/nexus.properties. Then shut down Tomcat, and launch the binary:



Thanks Rick - worked like a charm