Upgrade from 3.16.1-02 to newer version

We need to upgrade our Nexus Repository Manager since a critical security vulnerability was found in 3.26.1 and the earlier version.

At the moment our Nexus Repository Manager is OSS 3.16.1-02
Anybody can share their experience with their upgrades and what to be aware of.
Any risk for losing existing data or something no longer will work. I will surely make a backup before I start with the upgrade.

Is it possible to upgrade directly to the latest version and if It is not possible, then which version shall we go for.
If anybody can share a Guide to upgrade it will be fantastic.


Yes, you can upgrade direcly to the latest version. The upgrading process is documented on Upgrading page.

Thanks I will look at the Guide.

Which version is recommended to upgrade to, when we at the moment are on 3.16.1-02.

We always recommend upgrading to the most recent version available. Please check the Download page for the latest available version.

As I can see the latest version is 3.37.2.

Going from OSS 3.16.1-02 to 3.37.2 is a big jump.
Is the upgrade straightforward, or is there any pitfalls, challenges I have to be aware of?.

As already stated in this thread, yes, you can upgrade directly to the latest version. Upgrade process is straightforward and it is documented on Upgrading page.

Thanks, did succeed to upgraded to nexus-3.37.2-02.
Meanwhile, nexus- 3.37.3 was Released so I tried to upgrade to this version.

But this was not possible, I faced the following problem when I executed nexus.exe /install.

Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan

Event: Security Risk Found!

Security risk detected: Unproven.LowPrevalence

File: d:\nexus-3.37.3-02\nexus-3.37.3-02\bin\nexus.exe

Location: Quarantine

Great to hear you succeeded. The issue that prevents you from another upgrade doesn’t come from our product. It sounds like some kind of a scanning software that prevented you from running newer version, perhaps a virus scanner? If so, you should be able to release the binary from its quarantine and continue your upgrade.

Already did that, something is wrong with the file nexus.exe in nexus-3.37.3-02.
No problem with nexus-3.37.2-02.

I’ve just scanned the binary with VirusTotal and it the report seems fine to me (there’s one false-positive there). I’m afraid I won’t be able to help anymore here, please contact your administrator or your virus scanner vendor and report a false-positive to them.