Upgrade from nexus-3.19.1-01 to nexus-3.37.3-02

Hello All ,

We have a existing nexus repository manager (OSS) version 3.19.1-01 which is running fine as a service. Now we are planning to upgrade this latest version nexus-3.37.3-02. I went through the upgrade documentation and understood directory structure. What is the easiest step to upgrade…? will the below approaches work ? If not can you let me know what would be the best practices for upgrading. This would be the first time i would be upgrading nexus hence do not want to take chances and disturb the existing system with a direct upgrade.

  1. Change the port number in the nexus.properties file of new version.

  2. Copy the entire folder contents of sonatype-work from previous installation to the sonatype-work folder of new version and then proceed with the installation of new version.


  1. Install new version of nexus on separate port.

  2. Backup database of previous version using task “Export Databases for backup”

  3. Copy this .bak files to **$data-dir/restore-from-backup** for restoration.

  4. Restart nexus repository


I would recommend going with approach 2. That way if something goes wrong with the upgrade you can always roll back and restore the backup.