Upgrade from Nexus OSS 2 to Nexus OSS 3

Hello, I am looking to upgrade our ancient Nexus version 2.14.18-01(latest 2.x) to the latest 3.x version. After reading this link https://help.sonatype.com/repomanager3/installation/upgrading-from-nexus-repository-manager-2/upgrade-procedures , I am a bit confused. Does the upgrade process require 2 servers to complete( Existing Nexus server2.x and new Nexus 3.x)? Or do I need to deploy on same server and change the port for Nexus version 3?

Thanks in advance

You can use the same system, but both the nexus 2 service and the nexus 3 service would need to be running simultaneously during the upgrade.

@mpiggott, thanks for the response. So what happens to the sonatype-work directory during the upgrade? Will Nexus 2 still be usable, I’m assuming the data directory is combined at this point.

They both need their own work directory

Hey @mpiggott, thanks for the suggestion. I also found that extracting the tarball into the root of your data-dir creates a nexus3 folder parallel to the original nexus directory which keeps the data separate. I am starting the upgrade and am running into a different error, unfortunately.

Nexus 2 had a “describe flag”. Undocumented (apparently), but very useful. See Advanced Nexus Diagnostics with the Nexus 2.0 "describe" Flag .

Is there something similar for Nexus 3?