Upgrade from OSS 3.27.0-03 to 3.29.0-02

I’m trying to update 3.27.0-03 to 3.29.0-02
First I stop the service, then rename the nexus folder C:\Programdata\nexus to c:\programdata\nexus.OLD
(my nexus.vmoptions file is the same as the new. To the bit)
I copy the new nexus folder to programdata, open a command prompt in .\nexus\bin\ and run nexus /install then nexus /start
the service starts up then stops.
Am I doing something wrong?
The website does not say what to do with the sonatype-work folder and how to keep the settings and repositories when upgrading.

The sonatype-work directory is your content. You only replace the directory with the nexus version in it.

hi and thanks. i understand. now if i stop the service and make a backup, then copy the nexus folder and restart the service with nexus /install then nexus /start from the proper directory, the service starts, then stops. i will try it again and save the logs if it helps. there were errors in it that meant not much for me maybe for an experienced nexus user.
thank you once again.

(is it safe to post the full log? does it not contain private data?)

Did you ever fix this issue? I am having the same problem