Upgrade issue from 3.21.1 to 3.29.0

Hello Team,

I am trying to upgrade container based nexus 3.21.1 to 3.29.0 using the images available.

But, found that, new version is modifying the URL of repository with appended PORT.

Steps: just replaced the image tag from 3.21.1 to 3.29.0 (no modifications to image)


in Version 3.21.1

docker-hosted repo URL: https://${artifactoryUrl}/repository/docker-hosted/

but when upgrade to 3.29.0

docker-hosted repo URL: https://${artifactoryUrl}:8080/repository/docker-hosted/

port 8080 is appending automatically but not sure from where is coming from.

Could you please help us?

Also, how we can disable alert (vulnerability/upgrade) notification on artifactory UI which is a container based App.

This sounds like you have a reverse proxy in front of Nexus and the reverse proxy may not be setting the correct headers to let Nexus know what the URL the user is accessing and is instead providing the URL that reverse proxy is using.


Thank you Matthew, I have verified the nginx proxy configs, seems all are good, this nginx proxy URL for users are working fine with version 3.21.1 but, its not working with 3.29.0 and latest versions. When I try to access with ip:port it works, but seems to having issue with latest version of nexus.

Is there any steps that we need to follow for upgrading artifactory from 3.21.1 to latest version without any issues?

FYI, we are running nexus in docker, its just docker image tag version change and nothing else on database side, as upgrading this automatically take care of any db schema upgrades as I assume.

please let me know your thoughts.