Upgrade to version 3.19.1 with functional helm plugins

We are trying to upgrade to NXRM 3.19.1 based on the reported CVE (CVE-2019-16530 - Nexus Repository Manager 2 & 3, and Nexus IQ Server - Remote Code Execution - 2019-09-19 – Sonatype Support)

However we are concerned that the helm plugins for 3.19.1 may not work properly and may break some dependencies.

Can we be provided with some guidance on how best to proceed? Is there a patch coming out that guarantees the helm plugins work as intended?



Hi Kenna,

Helm will be officially supported and bundled with the release of NXRM from version 3.21.0 which is expected to land some time in January 2020.

The helm plugin is being actively worked so I would recommend standing up a separate 3.19.1 instance and trying out the current Helm plugin before installing it on your production instance.



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