Upgraded to 3.53 on Community Edition


We’ve upgraded to the latest version 3.53.0 and run community edition. We run Nexus on EKS using one pod.

We’re having issues which I assume are related to the warning on the release notes page.

We’ve tried to go back to 3.52 but we get a message suggesting the version of the DB is ‘too new’. Is there a recommended course of action? Or do we know when the new version, which presumably will work with the community version, will be available?


Hi Simon! Can you provide more details on the error you are seeing?
Issues on startup with 3.53.0 only occur when you have community plugins copied into the “deploy” folder under the Nexus Repository install. We expect that to be fixed in the next release, 3.54.0, due May 23.
Do you have community plugins in that folder? What happens if you remove them?

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the reply, apologies for the slow response.

We were running the pod with 7Gb we’ve increased that to 16Gb, that seems to have improved it, no sign of OOM in the last 24 hours.

Strange because it wasn’t an issue with 3.51 but going to 3.53 seems like it is.