Upgrading Sonatype Nexus Repository - unpacking question


I’m upgrading an existing installation of Sonatype Nexus Repository on a Linux VM and I’m seeking some clarification on a certain step. I’m starting here:

I’m a bit confused by:

The distribution archives are designed to be unpacked from the command line such that it will not replace or overwrite any existing files in the directory it resides in, but will create any missing files

My Nexus installation has these folders:

nexus@linuxvm:/opt$ ls
nexus  sonatype-work

The downloaded tar.gz archive has two folders: nexus-3.1.0-04 and sonatype-work. I think the documentation tells me to just extract in /opt and not touch my already present sonatype-work folder but what about my nexus folder? It has a different name than the one in the archive (nexus-3.1.0-04). Should I temporarily rename my already present nexus folder to nexus-3.1.0-04 before extracting and rename it back after extracting to nexus so that the service hook won’t fail? Or should i delete my existing nexus folder before extracting and rename the new nexus-3.1.0-04 folder after extracting to nexus (for the service)?