Upload recipe to myremote failed: 404: Not Found. [Remote: myremote]

I’ 'm using Nexus OSS 3.41.0-0 as an artifactory manager. I want to use it to store C++ packages. For that I created a proxy conan repository.

I succeeded to create my artifactory via the conan python module. When I’m trying to upload it the Nexus server I’m receiving this error:

Are you sure you want to upload 'mypackage/1.0' to 'myremote'? (yes/no): y
Are you sure you want to upload 'mypackage/1.0@mypackage/package' to 'myremote'? (yes/no): y
Uploading to remote 'myremote':
Uploading mypackage/1.0 to remote 'myremote'                                        
Uploading mypackage/1.0@mypackage/package to remote 'myremote'
ERROR: mypackage/1.0: Upload recipe to 'myremote' failed: 404: Not Found. [Remote: myremote]
ERROR: mypackage/1.0@mypackage/package: Upload recipe to 'myremote' failed: 404: Not Found. [Remote: myremote]
ERROR: Errors uploading some packages

To upload packages you want to use a hosted repository. A proxy repository usually only allows downloading packages. In a typical deployment, there is likely to be a proxy repository and a hosted repository included as members of a group repository to allow packages to be downloaded by developers. Packages will have to be uploaded directly to the hosted repository as groups won’t proxy uploads to the hosted repository.

If instead you want to publish a package to the conan proxy, you’ll have to publish the package directly to the upstream repository.

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Thank you for your quick reply. The only option for me when I’m creating a new conan repository is proxy repository.
IIUC I cannot upload to the proxy repository, just to download data from it.
The conan package should be upload to a different server and not the nexus artifactory?

Ah, I’m not sure if conan hosted was done yet (or maybe it’s a pro feature or something). My advice was a bit too general in your case. The conan package should probably be uploaded to the repository that your proxy represents. Most proxy repositories in nexus repository manager are not written to pass upload requests along to the upstream.