I have a on-line repository that no longer is been updated with latest dependency version ,so I have to upload the new files manually to Nexus.

How do I upload content to a repository that not is listed in the ‘Upload’ view in Nexus?.
Even it not not possible to create a new repository in the ‘Upload’ view.

I have admin-access to the Nexus.

Thanks in advance.

Hi miq,
You can directly upload only to hosted repositories. If it’s a proxy repository you have to upload directly to the remote repository rather than your instance. if it’s a group repository you have to find out which hosted repository contains the component you want to upload - you can do so by selecting the component in Browse view and on the right-hand side panel under Summary there’s a field Containing repo.
If the repository is hosted and it’s not visible in Upload view it means that either you don’t have write permissions or Nexus Repository does not support uploading via UI for this format and you should use a format specific client to upload your component.

So you confirm that it is not possible to create a new repository in the ‘Upload’ view.
I can only upload to the repository that already is listed in the view.

You can’t make new repositories show up in the upload UI as the system automatically shows all repositories you are allowed to upload to.