Uploading artifact to maven hosted repo is slow


We are using Nexus OSS 3.15.2-01, and facing performance issues with very limited repos.
We currently have 20-25 maven hosted repos for different applications and for each release repo we have separate blobs.

Now while uploading artifacts to these repo users are facing issues while uploading, upload is very slow.
for 150mb artifact it takes 4-5 minutes and for 50mb artifact it takes 2-3 mins.

Also, sometimes upload goes to 80% and then drops says server can not be reached.

Please suggest if its know issue with increase in number or there are workarounds.

[PS : Nexus is not behind the proxy server]

After further search i found,

2019-07-09 10:45:27,935+0200 ERROR [qtp1972977425-35862] admin com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.router.processor.standard.form.upload.UploadFormPostRequestProcessor - Unable to process the files to upload. Early EOF
com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.router.processor.standard.form.upload.FileUploadException: Unable to process the files to upload. Early EOF
at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.router.processor.standard.form.upload.FileUploadException.forFileUploadException(FileUploadException.java:50)
at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.router.processor.standard.form.upload.UploadFormPostRequestProcessor.handleFileUploadException(UploadFormPostRequestProcessor.java:129)

Thanks in advance.


This forum isn’t the right place to debug technical problems.

If you have a support contract with us you can use our support system at https://support.sonatype.com. Please note that the support system is for licensed customers only.

Otherwise, if you think this is a bug, you can try raising an issue at https://issues.sonatype.org in the “Dev - Nexus” issue.

Either way, provide a support zip file if you can get to the Nexus Repo UI. Or provide the complete nexus.log file otherwise.




You did not say which kind of blob store you are using.

I tried with Azure File share but it was really slow, I had to switch to an SSD disk to get good performance.
I read here the same kind of performance issues for people using S3.


Having a blob store on the file system will you a better performance as compared to having it somewhere else like S3, which is not attached to the server.

for me it was network issue, got resolved with out network team.
But using s3 i think is the best option so far from performance point of view