Uploading big docker layers causes infinite retries

Hello everyone!
We have a couple of realy big images (~30-40Gb) and when team tries to upload them to Nexus some of the layers “fall down” in infinite retries in upload process.
We have this problem solved by making this layers smaller and we good to go, but still is this somehow configurable in nexus? Because I didn’t find options in repository settings or in Nexus documentation.

Nexus working in docker-image, latest version, working behind nginx ( client_max_body_size 0; so that means no restrictions about sizes of images when uploading).

During upload of files Nexus is essentially streaming the inbound HTTP connection content directly to blob storage. So if you’re getting failures during large uploads you should check for problems with the inbound connection, or problems with slow blob storage. In particular, if there is a reverse proxy/load balancer running in front of Nexus check its error logs.