Uploading checksum through client

I want to upload checksum along with the artifact that I upload to NEXUS repository. Is there a REST API header or any other means that can be used to do that?
JFrog Artifactory allows to do this by passing checksum headers in its REST API. I’m looking for something similar.

What is the goal with the checksum?

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I build a code in a server and use Nexus to store the output artifact. After I have built I will calculate the checksum and then I will upload the artifact to Nexus, I would like to verify that the checksum calculated post build in my server matches with the checksum that Nexus calculates post an artifact is uploaded. If it doesn;t then I will delete the artifact in Nexus and then retry the upload to ensure that the checksum matches with what i calculated post build.

Nexus doesn’t provide a way to validate a checksum provided via a header. I’ve passed it along as a suggestion, but for the moment you’d need to use the REST API to retrieve information about the asset and validate the checksum on the client.

OK. As you suggested, I will download the checksum from NEXUS and compare it with what I calculated locally for the verification.